How To Practice Drinking Less Alcohol Safely




You get good at anything you practice. This also includes drinking alcohol. Do not let this confuse you with the Illusion of “Being good at drinking alcohol.”

Being good at drinking alcohol means you have a healthy relationship to alcohol.

If you are reading this post, that means you do not have a healthy relationship with alcohol and you must practice drinking less.

Anything that challenges our mind to overcome it's difficulty is something we get good at, such as drinking less alcohol.

If you have been practicing most of your life or over an extended period and have a high tolerance, then that is proof you get good at what you practice.


The idea is simple: Drink less alcohol progressively over time until you drink very little or no alcohol.

Step One: Examine how much alcohol you typically drink daily (ex: twenty-four beers or, twenty shots)

Step Two: Accept the fact that your good at drinking alcohol and praise yourself. Literally say (in your head or aloud) “I’m so good at drinking [insert your alcohol intake number here]” “I’m the BEST at drinking [X amount of beer or, X amount of liquor]”

Step Three: Say “I’m practicing drinking less alcohol and I’ll be the best at drinking less soon,”

Step Four: Select the number one short of how much you drink daily (23 beers, or nineteen shots etc.)

Step Five: Remove that shot from the bottle or remove the beer from the fridge (POUR IT OUT). This may difficult and the love you have for being healthy outweighs the love of being intoxicated. Repeat that to yourself if necessary.

Step Six: Drink as you normally would until you are safe to sleep or complete your day.

Step Seven: Remove one more number from your daily intake and repeat. (22 beers, eighteen shots)

You know you're a powerful being with unlimited potential and the only thing stopping you from reaching true sobriety is the cycle of feelings that bring the same results.

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You are actively helping your body expect less alcohol and curb those cravings without risking your health. Repeating this process every day until you can skip an entire day of drinking is a healthy and safe way to slowly drink less alcohol without risking extreme withdrawals or potential problems.


You may find during this process that you can have only a couple drinks a day and that will be your max.

Remember...the point is not to stop drinking completely but is to develop a healthy relationship with alcohol.

For some people, a healthy relationship to alcohol is not drinking anything for the rest of their life, and only you can determine that through this process.


-Put bottles of water all around your house so everywhere you look you are reminded to stay hydrated.

-Buy healthy snacks like trail mix or nuts and cheese to keep your metabolism running and give you the energy you need.

-Set a bedtime, if possible, in start helping your body expect to be asleep at a certain time so it can practice recharging, so you will be healthier the next day.

-Keep a bottle of water in your hand as often as possible. In practice, drinking water before taking a shot or drinking a beer.

-Remember that you are practicing and every time you drink water or take one last shot, you are getting better at doing both.

-Give your attention to what you are doing well and not what you feel you are failing at.

-Getting good at drinking less is a process. And for a brief period, you may not feel like you are, making much of a difference, but remind yourself that you are.

-Let someone you trust know what you are doing so they can help you stay on track and support you when needed.

-It is OK to struggle, and your emotions are valid. If it were not difficult, it would not be worth it.

-Think water first and practice rewarding each one of your emotions with a sip of water.

-Do not overwork yourself by going to the gym or going for a run until you are safely drinking less.


Simply practicing drinking less alcohol is going to prepare you to get better at doing even more difficult tasks. This is a process so expecting immediate results is unnecessary. The point is not to stop drinking alcohol cold turkey but to become a cheap date.

Overtime, you will be the best at drinking little to no alcohol and have absolute control over your mind, body, and spirit.

It is OK to drink as long as you're are drinking less.

PS: I'm so proud of you!

Your biggest fan,


Liver Failure Survivor | Master Coach

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